Sighting Diary 03/11/2023


Total 2 | Shooting flash 2

We have recently been through a very stressful event, in loosing a family member. There has been a lot of painful, negative emotions and we have been unable to spend time looking into the sky for some nights. It felt like the first day since this had began to pass today, and we had a completely clear sky. The stars were very prominent.

We spent around 30 minutes looking into the sky, before we saw anything. This is unusual, as we usually see a lot of activity from first going outside.


A shooting flash/ orb/ glowing shape. Difficult to see if it was round or had a shape to it. Looked unusual.

I was looking at a particular spot in the sky, and began to day dream. I began to visualise in my mind, a shooting, glowing shape/ orb across the sky, as we have previously seen.

At that moment, the exact thing I visualised, happened. I felt like I knew it would happen, just before it did.

22:00 approx

I was daydreaming about things; our family, why we see this, is there any reason why it shows itself to us. I thought back to a time that I read friends mind – when we were sitting and chatting, and I stopped him and said, ‘I know what you’re going to say’, to which he said, ‘what was I going to say then?’, which I told him word for word. He was very surprised, as it was a very obscure thing he was going to say. As I thought about this, and that this may be an indication that the orbs can here my thoughts, or they are able to communicate with us – an ability?

As I thought this, a glowing/ translucent small angel/ bird shape flew across the top of us. It was silent, quick and flew like it was weightless.

I instantly felt happy when I saw it, it felt like a ‘yes’.






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