Sighting Diary 08/10/2023


Total 37 | Travelling orbs 26 | Travelling flashing 6 | Formations 2 | Flashes 4


We went outside to look at the sky. We began talking about personal things in our lives, to do with past traumas and how, everything will be OK. As we hugged, and we felt close, I noticed a flash on the floor around our feet (a reflection). We looked up, and the clouds had cleared. In the area they had cleared, there were a number of orbs, maybe two or three. They appeared excitable, and began flashing and moving around. One of them began travelling towards the clouded area, and continued under the clouds. We felt this was particularly special given the nature of what we were talking about, and they way the orbs behaved. It felt joyful, positive.


A significant sighting. A V/ Triangle formation of orbs flew across the top of our garden. In the leadup to this, we had been talking about the situation of humanity, and our relationship with the orbs. How everybody else could see them too, and how it is almost as if people are blinded by stigma. The stigma of humanity has made a mockery of people talking to each other about this, and it has blocked everyone’s ability to see it. It has blocked everyone’s love and blocked the positivity and guidance it brings. They can’t see these visual representations of goodness in the sky because of this.


We began discussing what we saw earlier. My partner saw a V/ triangle formation of glowing birds, whereas I saw a V/ triangle formation of round glowing white orbs. We began discussing the possibility that we may see different things, even if we are looking at the same thing. It may be personal/ different to each of us. As we discussed this, another orb flew over us.


A flashing orb travelled across the entire sky and over us, from one side to the other. It appeared to be flashing and pulsating like a heart beat which modulated every few seconds in it’s rhythm. Before this, I was thinking of telling my friend in Kenya how to see this for himself, and how to be able to lookup and know how to/ what to think to be able to see it, and not to be scared. I  was thinking/ talking about this as I had received a WhatsApp message from him before this. I continued to think, if I told him, it may ripple out to others in Kenya and more and more people may be able to see it too.


There was a a bright flash and a travelling orb, as we talked about brining the kids outside. Until now, we had been outside on our own, just the two of us.


I began thinking about the pastel green ‘train’ of orbs that we saw a while ago, and I thought that it was strange, or very unusual. As I said this, one of the boys shouted out, ‘it’s weird’. It felt as if he was commenting on what I was thinking about. I turned around and looked at him, ‘huh?’, and he began smiling/ laughing and said, ‘I don’t know… I dunno’. He did not know why he had said that, and when I asked him why, he said, ‘I dunno, it just felt like something you were going to talk about, something weird’. I had not said anything, only thought it.


I was talking to our middle girl, and she said her friend at school, who has Cerebral Palsy, was always in a wheelchair and was sad that she would never be able to walk again. She said that she told her, ‘well at least you get to sit down!’. As she was telling me this, I thought to myself that she turned this girls sadness into something positive, and made her laugh. We then saw three very bright flashes in the sky together.


Me and my partner were talking about the fact that we should record everything we see. We talked about the fact that this log of what we are seeing needs to be as detailed as possible. I said we are like ‘scribes’. We then both thought of the same thing at the same time, ‘this must of been what it was like for the prophets’. As my partner said that to me I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, or happiness, and I held her head and said/ shouted, ‘that’s exactly what I was thinking.. exactly!’.


After we had dinner, we went back outside and looked at the sky in our loungers. As we looked up, we commented that there always comes a point in the night, after dinner, where it goes quiet. The orbs don’t appear to be there. I suggested to my partner, maybe this is a time for thinking, and seeing what visual responses we get. Or maybe we should be using this time to document things in this website. As we said this, a triangle formation of orbs flew across the sky. They were light, translucent and white. my partner saw them as birds and from the beginning, I saw them at the last moment before they passed over, which appeared to me as round orbs.






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