Sighting Diary 09/10/2023


Total 26 | Travelling orbs 10 | Travelling flashing 7 | Formations 1 | Flashes 3 | Travelling gets brighter 4 | Shooting flash 1


Travelling orb across the sky. We had just gone outside with the eldest daughter, who is somewhat scared of the orbs, and says that she doesn’t know what it is, and doesn’t want to look at it. Not trusting.


Travelling flashing orb, bright. Daughter gone back inside, just us two outside.

Two more travelling flashing orbs, bright. Disappeared/ faded quickly.


Travelling orb flying just ahead of a plane. Going the same speed as the plane. Not possible to determine if it’s the same height.

Another travelling flashing orb appeared, same time, nearby.


Travelling flashing orb, flashing whilst travelling along. Bright.


Travelling flashing orb, flashing whilst travelling along. Bright.

Another orb appeared, and grew very quickly in brightness, before fading. Could be slightly seen as it faded out, dim light.

Me and my partner began to talk about how we were feeling today. We both had colds/ flew and considered that this may affect the way we feel, and in turn, how many orbs we see/ the activity. We said that we should write this on this website.

I began to think about the state of the planet, the conflicts; because the negativity/ evil has got hold. A travelling flashing orb appeared, bright. Uniform flashes.


My partner was outside on her own as I went in to check dinner.

She thought, ‘I wander if the stars are like orbs, large balls of light?”.  A travelling orb appeared.


My partner (MP) said that she feels that what we are seeing, are not the craft or the UFO’s that people talk about.

I suggested… maybe those are gifted by the orbs.

At this moment, is when the orbs lit up

Large flash in the centre of the sky above us, and a travelling bright orb.

MP told me she was thinking, maybe there is a battle going on up there, beyond our comprehension.

I was thinking, what we were just thinking/ talking about, we were not looking for an answer/ reaction in the sky. We just naturally thought about it. This is when they respond, not when we look for an answer/ reaction. Don’t expect it, and it will be there.


I said… the only problem with thinking that the orbs have gifted us the craft, is that there were bodies inside, that’s what Grusch has said, that’s what people in that community have said.

At this moment, there was a large/ bright flash, and a travelling orb at the same time.

MP said that it may have been gifted to us with bodies inside? Another orb appeared.

We were talking about the bodies; that they may have been alive, and they are a gift alongside the craft. The bodies are beings that can pass on knowledge.

There was then a shooting flash/ orb as we said this, that almost looks like a shooting star, but it’s clear that it isn’t in the way it looks, and travels.

I said, that the maybe some people have not passed it (the knowledge) down to the people, possibly due to negative agendas. There was a large flash in the sky.


Travelling orb
I thought/ we spoke; there may be dark forces at play on the planet, and there may be another reality or another life that we have no idea about, in the universe. The way the people of humanity have been treated is wrong, and it has prevented us from knowing about another huge part of our reality.
Another travelling orb that increased abruptly in brightness and disappeared. Quick.


Travelling orb that increased in brightness/ expanded
We were talking about, if we are to think more about things they will provide answers. Spurred on to think more deeply about this with their guidance.

MP said, what if this is technology/ craft too. The orbs.

Two more orbs; one travelling, one appeared, became bright and disappeared.


MP fell asleep
I was looking up thinking that their is evil in this world, like what is happening in Israel. I thought that maybe the reason we are contacted by them is because we are good people.
At this moment, and glowing shape, possibly a bird shape flew across the sky where I was looking. Too quick to focus properly, tired eyes.
I woke MP up and told her.
I felt happy when this happened, like they were letting us know, we are good people.






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