Sighting Diary 10/11/2023


Weekend of Remembrance to the Second Word War in the UK, 10th November, the date of the first remembrance day.

Total  | Travelling orbs 41 | Travelling flashing 6 | Formations 1 | Flashes 4 | Shooting flash 2 | Angel Shapes 1

I was on my own in the back garden for the first half of this night.


Travelling orb
Got brighter as I smiled and thought/ felt how good it was to see them


Travelling flashing orb
Pulsing bright flashes, slightly orange


5 Travelling orbs in the space of 5 minutes


Shooting flash across the sky
Two travelling orbs followed


Travelling orb


I was thinking it has been so good to see them, and what I’d told my friend the day before, on how he could see them too.
Travelling orb came across the sky
As I smiled/ laughed/ waved, it flashed and grew in size


I was thinking about MP joining me, and hoping she was here.
An orb appeared above and travelled across the sky.


I was writing this all down and then finished. and turned to the left and looked up. Exactly where I looked at the sky, an orb appeared and travelled across the sky.
As I watched this, I turned my eyes to the left and another orb appeared exactly where I looked.
Both bright


A ‘Train’ of around 12 – 14 orbs came across the back of the garden.
The had a slight bluey-greenish tint in colour.
I was thinking about updating this website at the time, and writing this post.


Another travelling orb, slightly orange.
It appeared to draw my eyes to it, as I was talking to our middle daughter before I looked up and saw it.


MP came outside with the kids
Two travelling flashing orbs appeared and travelled across the sky
They were flashing/ pulsing slowly
Another travelling orb appeared and was very bright


Another travelling orb appeared and was flashing slowly.
Then a single flash in the sky above/ without an orb


A shooting translucent flash across the sky, not a shooting flash, but almost a shape.


3 more travelling orbs
One was getting brighter as it travelled


Travelling orb, faint.


Another travelling orb


Flashing travelling orb, getting very bright every now and then. This amazed everyone.


3 travelling orbs appeared and travelled across the sky
1 bright travelling orb appeared and travelled across the sky at a steady speed, and did not fade out.
3 bright flashes overhead
Another travelling orb appeared which was very slow


Travelling flashing orb


A single translucent ‘bird’/ angel shape appeared and flew across the sky quickly, then disappeared.


2 travelling orbs appeared and flew overhead very fast, the same speed, then joined together. Our middle daughter saw this.
She told us she was thinking about people who fought in the war and our recently passed grandmother. She began bowing to the people she was thinking about, and the orbs.


Tonight was a very, very active night. We saw so many orbs, flashes and flashing orbs – it was amazing! We also saw a translucent ‘bird’/ angel shape which is always absolutely incredible when we saw it.

We were VERY thankful for this experience.






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