Sighting Diary 15/10/2023

Cloudy night – on and off

Total 4 | Travelling orbs 1 | Flashes 1  | Shooting flash 2


I was feeling stressed and worried about the conflict in Israel and Palestine. I felt that the orbs may not come tonight, because of our stress and negative feelings after hearing what was on the news, but I still thought/ said in my mind, that it would be lovely to see them. I thought that my partner would also love to see them, as she find they provide a lifting, positive feeling. We then saw travelling orb.


A light shot across the sky

Followed by a flash


A shooting fast, glowing, bright orb with a glow to it.


Tonight was a quiet night. We felt that our mood was low, due to listening to the news of the conflict. We were tired, low.






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