Sighting Diary 22/10/2023

Clear sky – no clouds at all

Total 32 | Travelling orbs 27 | Travelling flashing 1 | Formations  1 | Flashes 1 | Travelling gets brighter 2 


The night started very actively, with a lot of orbs coming out in quick succession. It felt as if they were greeting/ happy/ joyful.

Followed by flashes above us in the sky


We were thinking/ saying how nice it was to see them. Another orb appeared above us.


Black shapes/ flickers went across the middle girl’s vision. I have had this often too. Similar to small black flickering shapes, very quickly passing across your vision. This may or may not be something to do with our eye-sight, not the orbs.


Two more orbs travelling across the sky above us

A very significant large ‘train’ of around 10-15 orbs began travelling across the top of our house. The orbs had a blueish/ green tint to them, and travelled quite slowly in a fairly straight line. As the moved over the top of us, they disappeared. It was an amazing experience, the children were shocked/ amazed.

Another orb travelled across the sky, which continued dimming and then brightening. Almost like slow flashing.


Large orangey/ yellow orbs travelling across the sky slowly

As this happened, I was thinking a lot about self forgiveness – if you get something wrong, not to beat yourself up about it as this can propagate the negativity and distance you from happiness, love, and what I feel the orbs represent.


Faint orbs travelling across the top of us


Two of the children began screaming and jumped up from their seats, pointing towards the same direction. One said that they had seen a formation in a triangle/ arrow shape, and the other said that it appeared them as a triangle type shape with light and dark parts inside. They appeared to see the same thing, but described it differently, but both mentioning a triangle/ arrow shape.






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