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We are experiencing orbs, triangles, flashes, travelling low down orbs and what look like stars/ satellites travelling across the sky, but in huge numbers – every night. We have experienced triangle formations of orbs that have turned into what looked like glowing white swallow bird silhouette/ shapes, we have seen trains of 25/30 orbs  in a glowing white and whitish/ pastel green colour, travel across our garden whilst moving like a caterpillar in the sky (one bumping into the other/ going up and down), we have seen some truly amazing things above our garden, as a family. Almost all the orbs we have seen are white in colour and appear semi-translucent. We see this every night when we go outside. Our family have witnessed this together.


We are a family from just outside London. I met my partner who was actually somebody I went to secondary school with. We hadn’t seen each other since secondary school, and she had been married and lived in Libya, and I had lived in Kenya, for most of our twenties. We were both single and back in the UK, and now 3 years in, we’re engaged. The reason I mention this is that it may be relevant to the reason we are seeing orbs every night, there is a back story to how we met, and our lives together.

How it Started

I was on the phone to a friend one evening in the back garden, and just looking up at the sky thinking to myself whilst listening to my friend, ‘I wander what’s up there, I bet it’s teaming with life!’. I always stare at this one particular constellation which is three stars in a row, and just as I was thinking, I saw three flashes go upwards alongside the stars. I almost half saw it and half didn’t, but it was enough to spark my interest towards persuading my partner to go out the following night to see what we could see.

Since then, almost every single night we have witnessed some form of interaction. It started with flashes and small pin-prick lights travelling across the sky that look like satellites. And every night that we go out, we are shown a little bit more. As this has progressed, the numbers of the satellite-type orbs has increased day after day. Then, they became lower in the sky, and larger. We started to see orbs that would travel along, then grow in size and brightness, then disappearing. I began to notice, that they appeared to be able to ‘hear’ our thoughts. As unusual as this sounds, when we think certain things, they would flash back or appear. It’s such an unusual experience, something that we never thought was possible, or could be a reality – that your thoughts are more than just your thoughts.

Since this all started, there have been a number of key events that have happened in which we have seen something very significant, or very unusual, or just simply ‘mind-blowing’, which are as follows:

When we see what we have described above, it is always usually above us/ our garden.

This all just began the way I described above. And now every single night when we go outside, they come. Sometimes they are already there when we go outside, and sometimes they come after a few minutes.

A couple of weeks ago, we went with the children (my partner has 5 kids who have all witnessed this with us since the beginning), to my partner’s grandparents house. We met her auntie and her grandparents there. We went outside into their back garden, and we wanted to see if the orbs would come to us in a new location. And they did! We asked for them to show my partner’s auntie and grandparents what we had seen, and a low flying large orb flew across the top of the garden.

There are many more experiences/ things that have happened, unusual, but very positive things, that have happened within our life.

We have seen that our youngest son, sometimes, almost appears as if he might get a message from them, and then he tells us or does something, and can’t explain why he did it. It always seems to be something helpful, something that is relevant to a problem we have at that time, or something we are worrying/ concerned about. It’s almost as if, when we had a concern, it was answered by him. We are wandering why this could be, so we told him we would write this, and he said that he wanted to help. Below, is from him.

From my Son
(in brackets is from dad)

I saw a faint star, when I looked at the star, I thought about our friend.
(we had previously been talking about/ thinking about this person and if they may have seen what we had and if we should talk to them)

I feel like the orbs are in my head, and I feel like they are guiding me, not in a bad way, in a good way.

The orb was telling me good things, telling me about them.

They were saying, they were giving me a good feeling.

Where do you find the ones that you find?

I asked my dad if he was going to write something about the orbs, and he said he was, and how I knew that.
(he appeared to already know we were going to write this, before we had mentioned anything about it)

I said, ‘you can put your name in this can’t you, because they already know you’.
(who was he referring to, ‘they know who you are’).