Consciousness Diary

In this page, we will summarise occurrences in our life related to our consciousness, our thoughts and things that appear to physically take place and happen, on a day-to-day basis. We feel that the orbs, what we are seeing in the sky, is inherently related to our consciousness and what happens in our lives. Over time, we have noticed that, if we listen to it, if we notice it, and if we follow it, then it guides us in a positive and loving way.

We have noticed that this keeps happening, day after day. We have thoughts, or worries, or concerns, or even ideas. Those worries and thoughts appear to be answered, in a practical, physical way by the things that happen in our life. We are guided onto a particular path, or sent into a particular direction. It is difficult to explain this, or summarise it here. Therefore, we will document it in a diary here. This will be self explanatory, and there to see.

To attempt to explain it, or describe it; it could be described as, a ‘thread’ that begins, and ends on an answer. It is like a thread that weaves through time, or our life, our reality. Imagine it like a piece of cotton thread, that starts somewhere, and ends somewhere. Imagine, that cotton thread follows you through several days. It starts with a thought, or a worry, or even an action. Then a series of points happen, along that thread whilst it follows you. As they happen, you may not fully recognise them, or you may even overlook them.

Then, at the end of the thread, appears to be an answer. This could be another thought, or a level of understanding about something. It could be an action or something that physically happens. Or, it could be a combination of this. It appears that you can ‘tune’ into this, and recognise it as it happens. If you recognise it, you can follow it. You can recognise where the thread starts, and you can observe the subtleties that happen over the coming hours or days, as you are guided. When the answer, or or the conclusion, or whatever you would refer to it as, comes, it makes perfect sense. You can look back over the thread, everything that happened, all the little subtleties, and realise, it was a thread of guidance and it ended up with this conclusion. The conclusion is always positive, or appears to be an answer in a positive way. It is difficult to describe, but it appears to feel right, where you end up, or what you end up doing, at the end of the thread.

By understanding this, we have been able to spot the intricacies of life’s twists and turns, and see how it all gels together. You can see how little subtleties occur, and if you were not looking for it, you probably would never notice it, but when it does, it always appears to have guided you in a positive direction. As we continue to experience this, and as we ‘tune’ into it further, it becomes more and more apparent.

And, as you ‘tune’ into this, you can look back over life and see all the little intricate threads that have taken place, and ended up with you landing here. This second, as we read, and write this. This very second that tics right now, we are here. Everything that has happened in our lives until this point, ‘the now’, brings us here. Have we been guided here? If you begin to observe life through this lens, not only do you begin to see things this way, but the orbs, the lights in the sky, respond. It’s almost as if, they are providing a visual confirmation that, ‘yeah, you got it!’.

Since we began seeing the orbs, it feels as if our lives have modulated onto a guided path. Possibly perhaps, because we have began to see it this way. Maybe, this has been happening all along and it has never been explained to us, or we this has never been included in our education, media, sources of information available to us, or our culture. Maybe it has been hidden.

It may sound like we are going round the twist, but we are a completely sane, normal family. And we experience this together. Some of the kids have also began to notice, or understand how seeing the orbs could be related to our consciousness, except they may express this in a far more ‘infant-directed’ manner. This has began happening, and opened our minds to new possibilities about reality, and how we see the very fabric of life, made up of all of it’s various threads. We believe that this is inherently possible within everyone, across every country, in every culture. As human beings, this may have been something that has always been possible, and that we just have to open our eyes, and our minds, to be able to see it. If we do, they will show you visually, practically, in a way we can comprehend and visualise; a show in the sky.

Could this be what unifies humanity? Somewhere deep in our intuition, we feel it is. Nobody has sat down and explained any of this to us, it has come to us through those threads. If you think about all of intricate variables across our lifetimes, it is truly astounding that I am writing this now, and as I type, all of those threads have led me here; as I made this very website, and typed this very word.

As this is difficult to explain, I will attempt to document it in a diary here and use example, as opposed to explanation.

The threads of positivity and love, that make up life’s right tapestry.


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