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Over the last few days, one of the middle boys has been asking to have his pocket money to buy a PlayStation 4. He has saved up his pocket money over the last few months, and has over £100 to spend. We set him up with a bank account, and since, he has been pushing to get the PlayStation. That typical teenage nag, everyday; ‘when can we get it’, ‘can we do it now?’. It’s becoming quite pressing, as we keep putting it off, ‘we’ll check it tomorrow when we have a moment’. The thread started here.

We were outside looking at the orbs two or so nights ago, and he started asking me about when he can have the money to buy the PlayStation. As we were all watching the orbs together and chatting, he began to ask me again, ‘can we look now?’, to which I answered, ‘instead of waiting for the money, do you want us to buy you the PlayStation quickly so you can get that sooner?’.

As I was speaking to him, I abruptly looked up at the sky, and where my eyes met the sky, was directly on an orb above us. It felt as if the orb had called me, for example, when someone calls your name and you look around at them. My eyes didn’t look around the sky first, or anywhere else. Directly onto the orb above us.

I then felt as if the orb was indicating to me, to stop the boy from getting the PlayStation – it was a negative feeling towards the PlayStation. I couldn’t think why this would be. I guess they can be a negative influence, but are they that bad? That the orb would need to tell me, or signal to me to not let him get it?

Anyway, I told my partner at the time, and she appeared to understand what I was getting at. This was while we were outside watching them. So she wrapped up the conversation, and our boy went back inside.

The following day or two, he kept pushing for the money to get the PlayStation, and I kept saying to him, why don’t we think about something else we could get with the money, ‘it is a lot of money after all!’. He didn’t seem sure about this, and continued to want the PlayStation. He began to appear somewhat frustrated by the fact we were labouring the conversations and his requests to start looking for the PlayStation.

I was in a predicament, because if I took the guidance that the orbs had given us, then this meant one annoyed teenager. So I continued to contemplate what to do.

I continued to put it off, and he continued to ask and push. And I continued to try to think what we should do.

I continued to try and suggest other items to him, like an electric scooter, ‘wouldn’t that be cool!’. I kept trying to think, how can I persuade him away from the PlayStation. I even suggested a remote control aeroplane. He declined.

It’s a really unusual feeling, coming to the realisation that you may be receiving psychic guidance from an orb in the sky, on what may appear on the surface, as trivial family things. But I continued to try to stick to this guidance, if this was what it was.

Today, him and our youngest boy asked for the old PlayStation 3 that we have lying around the house, and they began playing on it. They were playing on it for a couple of hours. As they were playing, I heard shouting, a scream/ shout from both of the boys. It sounded angry. I was sitting outside in the garden, and where their bedroom is, the doors back onto the garden patio. Shortly after the noises I heard, our youngest come out to me crying. I sat him down and asked what had happened. He told me, he had pushed him against the door. I continued to try to find out what had happened, and it turned out that our middle boy had shouted at him, Our youngest had retaliated physically by elbowing him, and then our middle boy had chased him out the room and pushed him into the door as he ran away.

After a lot of talking to both of them for around an hour, I got them to admit what they had done wrong, and (hopefully) got them to understand that they had acted in anger over, ‘something that doesn’t even exist. Something that is virtual!’. After a while, they both accepted this and apologised to each other.

They do squabble sometimes, but this level of anger and physical retaliation, although it is only kids hitting each other, which doesn’t do any damage, was much more of a response in comparison to how they would usually behave towards each other in a squabble.

This got me thinking, and it clicked. Was this why the orb got me to look up at it, whilst our middle boy was pushing to get a PlayStation that night? Could it be, that playing things like this alters our consciousness enough to allow some form of manipulation to take place, and result in negative emotion.

Then some time later after this had blown over, our middle boy came to me again, and asked, ‘so can we look for something now?’, and at this point I was trying to find some tools to start a project with the youngest. I was busy, but I said, ‘yeah OK, just give me a sec’. Just leading up to this, I was thinking about what I could suggest to him, almost worrying about how we could tackle this.

Then he said, ‘I was thinking… a drone’. I stopped, and couldn’t believe it. The past few days he just continued to decline my suggestions, and nagged everyday about what he could get, asking for further suggestions, but declining each one I made. I think this was because he wanted to exhaust all options, to get the PlayStation. His attitude towards the conversations was quite ‘tunnel visioned’, and he appeared to be completely focussed on getting the PlayStation. This new suggestion of a drone, appeared to be a complete u-turn.

It felt like an answer to the problem, and that it is possible that we had been guided there. The end of the thread, ended up here.

Later that day, as we purchased it, he said, ‘when I get the drone, I’m going to Africa!’. This was a relatively ‘out the blue’ comment, but relevant to me as I had been thinking a lot about Kenya in the past few days.

I guess this all leads back to what we are going through now, with the orbs, and what they may be trying to teach us. That consciousness is a real thing, with real implications. It is something far more powerful than just local thought, in a local processor, that is, your brain. There is something deeper to it than this perhaps? And the orbs know this, and can guide us through developing this understanding.

It may seem trivial, a PlayStation and a squabble, but a lesson can be taken from this.

Negatively altered states of consciousness, taking into consideration the above, may have profound affects on our lives. And they may start with something small, that may seem trivial. But if you can recognise it, and take the guidance of the orbs, then you can steer the ship in the right direction.






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