The Highland Cows


I was speaking to my mum on the phone, and she explained that a huge picture of two highland cows/ bulls, had been hung directly above her desk, ‘it’s absolutely huge, I just hope they’ve hung it up properly, as if it falls it will kill me!’. I was really thoughtful about this, as in the couple of days leading up to this, I was thinking about the orbs, and if they have anything to do with my family, friends, loved ones. I have even had concerns before, about the possible implications of introducing my loved ones to something that I don’t fully understand.

Could it be, that this giant painting directly above my mum’s desk, is a sign or an answer to what I was thinking about? We know the orbs can here us as the give us visual representation of this, I know we are connected in some manner. Did they hear my thoughts and answer it? It just seemed really unusual to me, that they decided to hang this giant painting directly above my mum’s desk, when there is an entire office to choose form. A painting of two highland cows or bulls.

Another thing to consider about this, is that it is unusual for my mum to have told me about this. It’s a painting, a large one, but she wouldn’t usually may usually not mention anything about this. The reason she did, was because of it’s size, and the worry she had with it being hung directly above her desk. She did not mentioning this because of what the painting was of, or anything else related to the unusual events happening in our lives at the moment.

And here I am, writing it on this website. Is there a reason for this? The thread has ended up here.






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